Agriculture in the Classroom

Letter from the President

Kelly Funke, Cargill Canada

It's true. Our food does have a story.

It’s a shared story that features all the drama of any good piece of literature: humans versus nature, the agony of loss, a love story for the ages, heroes to get behind, and the triumph of true grit. Perhaps you think I’m exaggerating. It may not seem very romantic as you go about your daily business of farm chores or customer meetings, but imagine how our world seems to a child who has never experienced such things before. Imagine how their eyes could be opened to their own potential future working in agriculture.

The 862 individuals who volunteered for one or more of our Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba events helped weave the threads of that story for thousands of students in 2017. Becoming an AITC-M volunteer is a unique opportunity to connect and share your story that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re serving food at a Made in Manitoba Breakfast, leading an activity at the Amazing Agriculture Adventure or speaking to a classroom during Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month, you’re adding in more colour, detail, and helping bring the story to life.

Why leave this job to someone else?

Only you know why you’re involved in agriculture. Only you can talk about the special role you play in feeding people. It doesn’t require amazing abilities or anything special, really. Volunteering for AITC-M is a gratifying experience and an opportunity to share your experience in agriculture. It also exposes students to the mosaic of folks who represent the agriculture industry in our province.

What role do you play in bringing food to the tables of people around the world? I bet there’s a tale to tell.

Because our food has a story, and so do you.

Kelly Funke
President, AITC-M