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AITC-M appoints Associate Executive Director

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Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba Appoints Associate Executive Director

(Winnipeg, May 15, 2015) Sue Clayton, agriculture awareness and education supporter and past board member of Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba, will be the new Associate Executive Director of Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba (AITC-M). Clayton will support current executive director Johanne Ross, who will take on the half time role of Chair for Agriculture in the Classroom-Canada on May 20, 2015. Clayton’s appointment became effective May 12, 2015.

“Sue has a proven track record in the agriculture awareness arena in her successful work developed and delivered through the agriculture ambassador program at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Manitoba. She joined the AITC-M board of directors in 2013 and has dedicated significant time to the agriculture education effort through partnering on programming between the faculty and AITC-M and volunteering at events. Sue is a passionate, dedicated champion for agriculture, who loves to partner, collaborate and get things done. AITC-M couldn’t be more pleased to welcome her to the team!” stated Brian Kenyon, AITC-M president.

Clayton has managed the Community Liaison role at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the U of M as well as acted a school board trustee for 16 years. Her experience at several board tables, including roles of chair and vice chair will bring extensive experience to the new role of Associate Executive Director for AITC-M. Sue’s new role will continue to ensure quality AITC-M resources and programming are maintained and expanded to students and teachers across Manitoba.

“Having an agriculture degree in combination with my industry experience and strong interpersonal skills has enabled me to be extremely successful in my current position building long term relationships with industry stakeholders. My knowledge of the initiatives in place to increase the agriculture education in classrooms has been expanded over the past few years while working at the University of Manitoba in partnership with AITC-M and I have been fortunate enough to serve on the AITC–M Board since April, 2013”. Added Clayton. “I am extremely passionate about the work that AITC-M carries out and am thrilled to be able to contribute in a new way.”

Agriculture in the Classroom- Manitoba Inc. is a non-profit organization supported by individuals and the agriculture industry. The organization runs several programs throughout the year including the Amazing Agriculture Adventure, The Made in Manitoba Breakfast Program, gardening projects, farm tours and other special events. AITC-M also develops and distributes teacher resources to help deliver agriculture information for use within the school curriculum.


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Sue Clayton
Associate Executive Director
Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba Inc.