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Teacher Driver Award 2016 Winner

Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 6, 2016 – Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba (AITC-M) is happy to present fourth-grade teacher Alvin Dyck from Neil Campbell School with the 2016 Teacher Driver award.

AITC-M’s Teacher Driver Award is given out annually to a Manitoba teacher who shows leadership in agriculture education in his/her classroom. Dyck received his award at the organizations 27th annual general meeting on Thursday, April 21st.

“We are thrilled to give Alvin Dyck the Teacher Driver Award. He is an active agriculture advocate in his school and community,” said Sue Clayton, AITC-M’s Executive Director. “He is using the classroom garden as a hands-on tool to not only teach students about Canadian agriculture, but is also using it to get kids engaged in math, English, and other subjects!”

Dyck has been growing a Little Green Thumbs garden for the past four years. When you walk into Dyck’s classroom the first thing you notice is a subtle hum from the bright light hanging over the overgrown garden. His class grows peppers, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce throughout the school year.

“I always find different things to do with [the garden], but the main goal is to connect [students] to where their food comes from. We have no connection now-a-days,” said Alvin Dyck. “Growing something is already exciting, and if a kid can grow something then eat it – that’s amazing. They love it.”

Dyck and his students agree that the garden “is a part of the class.” But he also sees how kids are taking what they learn home to mom and dad.

“Parents always ask me, ‘how do you get my kid to eat beans? They never eat beans,’” Dyck said. “I just tell them, ‘well, we grow it and the kids love to eat the food they grow.’”

Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba’s flagship Little Green Thumbs classroom gardening program helps cultivate student’s interest in agriculture and connect them to where their food comes from.

“Agriculture in the Classroom made it so easy,” said the fourth-grade teacher. “They give you everything you need and teach you how to put it together, but it’s really up to the teacher [to decide] what they want to do with it.”

About Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba

Agriculture in the Classroom–Manitoba (AITC-M) has been operating since 1988. AITC-M delivers curriculum-based programs, activities and tools for teachers and their students to learn more about agriculture and the role it plays in our province. AITC-M is a provincial participant of Agriculture in the Classroom Canada.

About Little Green Thumbs

Little Green Thumbs is an indoor gardening program that gives elementary and high school students the opportunity to become food producers right in their own classroom! This hands on, inquiry-based education program helps young people value the health of themselves, the environment and their community.


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