Agriculture in the Classroom

Board Members


Laurel Lyons, President, Manitoba Pork Council

AITC-M does amazing work by creating synergy between the agricultural community and educators. Having a better understanding of agriculture is important for everyone.

Theresa Bolton, Vice President, Parrish and Heimbecker

Working as a Talent and Acquisition Specialist in the agriculture industry, I see how many amazing career opportunities there are in this sector. Informing and inspiring kids about agriculture is critical for the industry's future.

Kelly Funke, Past President, Cargill Canada

I have kids and I eat food.  Why wouldn't I want to be involved?

Edward Cook, Treasurer, Producer

As a farmer, I want to be able to inform and educate the public on what and how we produce the food that we all eat! I feel that being a  part of AITC-M is a great way of doing this!


Laura Holtmann, Secretary, Producer

Once a city girl, but now a farmer – I am passionate about agriculture. Through AITC-M programs, I look forward to sharing positive information about food production with children, parents and educators!



Bob Bartley, Producer

Canadians enjoy the safest, healthiest food in the world but they don't realize that fact.  AITC-M can facilitate this transfer of knowledge.  


As a farm girl now living in the heart of Winnipeg, I see misconceptions about agriculture all around me. It's up to our industry to bring light to these issues, and I'm proud to be part of AITC-M as we share positive messages and help shape the perception of agriculture among young people.

Gail Eckert, Summit Search Group 

I believe that through education, our youth will come to better understand where our food comes from, both locally and globally, and how they may play a role in keeping our food supply sustainable for future generations.  I am proud to be a part of AITC-M as they work to share this message.

Bonnie Bain, Farm Credit Canada

Farm raised. Farm fed. Farm fueled. AITC-M allows me to share my passion for ag!

Patsy Michiels, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Since today’s students are our future leaders, decision-makers and voters, I feel it is important that they have an understanding and appreciation of where their food comes from and how vital agriculture is to our communities.  AITC-M works hard to provide opportunities for teachers and students to learn about agriculture, and I am very proud to be a part of it.

Dianne Riding, Producer

I love being a livestock producer, and I love sharing my farm journey with kids – it’s a great way to learn where their food comes from! Kids see how much passion and care goes into farming when I bring cattle and other animals to events.

Landon Friesen, Producer

Being born and raised on the family farm and having two kids in the school system, I realized the importance of having a proper ag education to teach the next generation the value of agriculture.

Tim Swynar, Royal Bank of Canada

I am passionate and optimistic about agriculture. I believe in the AITC-M program as it provides the tools and information for young people to critically think about the truth surrounding the safe and high-quality goods produced by Canadian agriculture.


Gina Sunderland, Manitoba Chicken Producers

I love food, science and am excited to help students learn how to eat healthy food. 

Trish Jordan, Bayer Canada

I am passionate about Canadian agriculture and the people who work in this industry!  AITC-M shares that passion and the positive story of farmers and how they are committed to growing safe food for society. If you believe in Canadian agriculture and the people who make it happen, you simply must promote and encourage the efforts of AITC-M.