• Agriculture in the Classroom. Transforming the face of Ag
  • Brian Kenyon
  • Johanne Ross
  • Kelly Funke
  • Trish Jordan
  • Sheena Pitura
  • Tim Swynar
  • Curtis McRae
  • Edward Cook
  • Tracy Shelton
  • Diane Mauthe
  • Stephanie Richards
  • Kate Pacholok
  • Allison Leclerc
  • Jessica Brady
  • Karen Hill
  • Martin Leyenhorst
  • Ellen Pruden
  • Bob Bartley
  • Sue Clayton
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  • Laurel Lyons
  • Patsy Michiels
The Brass

AITC-M is dedicated to cultivating an interest in agriculture in young people across Manitoba.

Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba (AITC-M) continues to be a well-lead and financially strong organization. It is one I am proud to support both financially and personally as an executive and board member. Throughout the year, the staff of our organization passionately delivered information about agriculture to the youth of this province. There are no other organizations in this province that I believe have the impact that we do. Be assured, your funding helps tell the positive message about agriculture!

”Our success is the result of a passionate and dedicated team who work tirelessly.”

We continue to generate a positive financial bottom line through prudent cost management and your generous support. This strength ensures we will continue to be a voice of agriculture for years to come. Programs like the Made in Manitoba Breakfasts, the Amazing Ag Adventures and Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week continued to be in strong demand and well attended, and exciting new programs like the Pizza Farm will surely become just as popular.

With the help of Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Development (MAFRD), our board and staff assessed the organizational capacity of AITC-M as it related to our Mission, Vision, Strategy, Governance and Leadership, Program Delivery, Fund Development, Strategic Relationships and Internal Management and Operations. This assessment concluded, “Your organization has a great deal of strength and structure. Remember to celebrate your successes and be proud of your contributions to the agriculture industry.”

While this encouragement reflects the leadership I see within the organization, it also provides areas we can focus on over the next year.

We are working to identify high risk areas to be addressed. To support succession planning, we are also investigating creating a board human resource committee to address staff and board training. We will “recruit with focus” for new members to ensure our board has the strengths it needs for today and tomorrow. As well, we will continue to diversify our funding to grow and sustain our organization for the years to come. Finally, the board will assist the executive director in strategic planning, to ensure AITC-M’s success continues.

Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba is in good hands. Our success is the result of a passionate and dedicated team of employees, and board members and volunteers that work tirelessly. Our staff create and deliver with enthusiasm.

Our executive director continues to provide strong leadership and vision. The board is fully engaged as board members and volunteers. Thank you for your thoughtful input and extra dedication to this outstanding organization. AITC-M is shaping opinions and creating impact within our province! I look forward to more progress in 2015.

Brian Kenyon

Brian Kenyon, President, AITC-M

Brian Kenyon Brian Kenyon

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The Face
The Staff The Staff

Johanne Ross

Executive Director, chair of AITC Canada

Diane Mauthe

Jessica Brady

Karen Hill

Stephanie Richards

Made in Manitoba Breakfast Coordinator

Kate Pacholok

Program Assistant (Jack of all trades!)

Allison Leclerc

  • Finance Manager
  • Volunteer Extraordinaire
I was really happy to welcome Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week to my class, and getting some activities I can do as follow up was a real bonus!

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The Reach
Farmer Farmer

In total, over 40,000 teachers, students and volunteers have been reached in some way by AITC-M this year.

The Buzz
Sheena Pitura Sheena Pitura

We really got the word out this year. With videos, pictures and social media posts, we kept the community involved in our programs and shared the positive impact we’ve had getting young people across Manitoba interested in agriculture.

Media Buzz:

  • Golden West Broadcasting, MB Farm Journal
  • CKLQ news and Feedback show
  • Manitoba Cooperator
  • Western Producer
  • Winnipeg Free Press
  • Brandon Sun
  • Manitoba Community Newspapers
  • Cattleman’s Magazine
  • Cattle Country
  • CTV Morning LIVE
  • realagriculture.com
The Amazing Agriculture Adventure was so fabulously run, well organized, and informative. One of the best field trips we have done in a long time.

Partnership Buzz:

  • Led and managed the development of Agriculture in the Classroom-Canada organization
  • Participated in Confident Conversations workshop with CropLife Canada
  • Was interviewed for a PBS documentary “Built On Agriculture,” airing in December 2015
  • Working group member for the Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council
  • Keynote speaker at the Manitoba Farm Women’s conference
    • 214 friends
    • 15 boards
    • 417 pins
  • 13,000 views on our Your Life, Your Agriculture video

The Heart

AITC-M salutes all of its members, partners and volunteers.

Without your donations, volunteer efforts, enthusiasm and passions, none of this would be possible. Because of you, we can continue cultivating an interest in agriculture to the next generation! In 2014 we celebrate you, over 250 individual and 150 corporate supporters. Thank you!


Corporate Partners


  • Agrium
  • Cargill
  • Manitoba Canola Growers
  • Manitoba Pork
  • Monsanto
  • Monsanto Fund
  • Richardson


  • Mosaic
  • Manitoba Pulse


  • Manitoba Ag Days
  • Bayer Crop Science
  • Dairy Farmers of Manitoba
  • Manitoba Beef Producers
  • Think Shift Inc


  • BASF
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred
  • CropLife MB
  • Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba
  • Issues Ink
  • TD Canada Trust
  • MacDon
  • U of M Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences
  • MB Corn Growers Association
  • Viterra
  • MB Education
  • Yara
Ellen Pruden Ellen Pruden

AITC-M thanks all members and volunteers for their support in 2014.

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