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Little Green Thumbs

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Many teachers use Little Green Thumbs to teach their science, math, language arts, social studies and health outcomes, as the garden can be used as a cross-curricular learning tool. Teachers are encouraged to experiment with their students, and are given a wide variety of resources (teacher binders, website, workshops, and classroom sessions) to aid in their incorporation of garden-based learning into the curriculum.

The Little Green Thumbs program will provide your classroom with

1. An indoor garden grow kit
2. A vermi-composting kit.
3. Other resources

1.  Indoor Gardening Equipment

The indoor garden grow kit includes a lighting system (grow light, ballast, fan, and reflector), 4 self-watering planters, seeds, pots, and soil. The garden will generally need a 4 x 8 table to accommodate the garden, however if you have more space, the light provides an 8×8 footprint to add other pots. The indoor garden grow kit is given to the school to keep, and should any components need replacement, the school can go through the Little Green Thumbs coordinator to receive replacement parts. The 1000 watt light bulb will need replacing, for a cost of around $80 after 3 years.

2.  Vermi-composting

The second major component of Little Green Thumbs is the introduction of vermi-composting worms in 2 kits to encourage the reduction of food waste in your school.

3.  Other Resources

We will also be providing the classroom with resources such as books, posters, in-school activities, classroom sessions with the Little Green Thumbs coordinator, group sharing with other participating schools, and a Teacher’s Workshop to kick start the program. An exciting part of the project is the Celebration Events, where schools have the opportunity to involve the community and other participating schools in sharing their experiences and stories about their year’s successes.

Teacher and School Commitments include:

1. Teacher's Workshop
2. Passing on the Gift agreement
3. School Administration and Maintenance Staff Support

1.  Teacher’s Workshop - October each year

We require all Little Green Thumbs teachers to participate in a 2 day Teacher’s Workshop; which is held in the fall in Winnipeg. This workshop is imperative for all the teachers to receive hands-on education about the project, demonstrations on how to set up the kit, background on the project and advice from more experienced teachers.  The workshop is a great opportunity to meet and network with other teachers in the program. The workshop and all meals during the workshop are free.  Teachers are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. 

2.  Passing on the Gift

A central component of Little Green Thumbs is its capacity to be self-sustaining and an agreement of “Passing on the Gift” is vital in achieving our vision: A Garden in Every School; A School in Every Garden. We are carefully selecting our schools based on geographical location, willingness to participate, and commitment to meet and evaluate the objectives of the program.

3. School Administration and Maintenance Staff Support

The support from the administration and maintenance professional of the school is also very important for the successful implementation of the program; as the light in the grow kit adds an additional $150 per year to the school’s electricity bill.

Supported by: 

With support from Nutrien, DuPont Pioneer, and AITC-M's Cultivator and Core members, we are proud to deliver this international program to students and teachers across the province.

The Little Green Thumbs registration is currently closed.

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