Agriculture in the Classroom

Our Food Has a Story

with farmer Will Bergmann

You had questions about food, so we asked a farmer. Not any farmer, but a Manitoba organic vegetable and conventional crop farmer, Will Bergmann. 

We brought a camera crew to Will's house to ask him frequently asked questions and see how he produces food to feed the world!


Part 1: Farming Methods

We hear buzz words like organic, conventional, GMOs and GE crops all the time, but what do they really mean? Get the ABCs about different farming methods Candian farmers use.

Part 2: Pesticides

Pesticides prevent, repel, decrease or kill pests that can destroy food crops. Learn more about food safety and pesticide use on the farm.

Part 3: Consumer Choices

In Canada, we have so many safe food options at the grocery store: local, organic, GMOs, etc. Learn more about the choices you have and what they mean.

Part 4: Crop Rotation

Farmers are stewards of the land. Learn how they use best management practices to keep the land and our food healthy.