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Photo of AITC-M “Your Life - Your Agriculture” Career Video for High School

AITC-M “Your Life - Your Agriculture” Career Video for High School

Spark an interest in a career in agriculture in your students with this 30 second radio spot or the 50 second video trailer or better yet get the full story with our 4:24 minute video "Your Life - Your Agriculture".

"Your Life - Your Agriculture" Radio Spot 0:30 "Your Life - Your Agriculture" Video 0:50Trailer "Your Life - Your Agriculture" Video 4:24
Photo of All About Food

All About Food


Grade 9 to 12 - This book and it's accompanying website and teacher's guide website will provide you and your students with current information about the many facets of Canada's Food System from the food you eat to the people that produce it for you and the agriculture career opportunities available for your students. Website available in English and French - just click below. Or order copies of the booklet by filling in the order form below.

All About Food - Exploring Canada's Food System Website All About Food - Exploring Canada's Food System Teacher's Guide Website
Photo of Before the Plate

Before the Plate


Grade 9 to 12 - Follow chef John Horne on an epic journey as he follows each ingredient from one plate of food back to the Canadian farms they came from.

Download the Teacher's Guide to get a link to watch the documentary with your class and use the student worsheets to help guide your discussions.

Before the Plate Teacher Guide Before the Plate Student Worksheets
Photo of Built on Agriculture

Built on Agriculture


Grade 10 and 11 - Built on Agriculture is a four-part documentary series that pays tribute to the people who settled the plains of Manitoba and what they achieved. Part 1 - The Selkirk Settlers and Part 3 - The Farmers have both been recognized with Regional Emmy nominations. This resource provides curriculum links and classroom resources for Grade 11 History and Grade 10 Geography.

Built on Agriculture Built on Agriculture Part 1: The Selkirk Settlers Built on Agriculture Part 2: The Institutions Built on Agriculture Part 3: The Farmers Built on Agriculture Part 4: Feeding the World
Photo of Canola Crush Kit

Canola Crush Kit


Grade K to 12 - This package includes instructional guide, canola seeds, seed counter, roller and tape. Everything you need to teach this hands-on activity for all grade levels. The kit can be ordered from Manitoba Canola Growers by contacting

Document More Details
Photo of Challenge of Change

Challenge of Change

Free Download

Grade 9 to 12 - Provides information and lesson plans/activities on agriculture which focus on the people, environment, technology, biotechnology and the economy.

The Challenge of Change-English
Photo of Challenging Conditions

Challenging Conditions

Free Kit or Download

Grade 7 to 12 - "Challenging Conditions - Exploring the Lives of Subsistence Farmers in the Developing World"  can be used for grades 7 to 12 but is linked to the Grade 7 Social Studies curriculum. The activity invites students to explore what life is like for subsistence farmers in the developing world by introducing them to a character and various aspects of his/her life. Emphasis is placed on quality of life, and the effects of issues such as hunger, health, conflict, gender dynamics, environment and climate change. The kit contains a teacher guide and all materials needed. To order the kit (available in English only) complete the form below or download the resource in English or French and create your own materials.  Read and hear more here.

Challenging Conditions - English Cultivateurs Resilients - Francais
Photo of Cowspiracy: An Alternative View

Cowspiracy: An Alternative View

Free Download

Grades 9 to 12 - If you are showing 'Cowspiracy' the movie then here are some resources to use with your students to provide different viewpoints, encourage critical thinking, foster media literacy and stimulate debates. This resource includes curriculum connections, a lesson plan with student activities and background information.

Cowspiracy - an Alternate View Resource
Photo of Food Inc. An Alternate View

Food Inc. An Alternate View

Free Download

Grade 9 to 12 - If you are showing 'Food Inc.' the movie then here are some resources to use with your students to provide different viewpoints, encourage critical thinking, foster media literacy and stimulate debates. This resource sheet includes links to American and Canadian sources of information, video and text that deal with the issues covered in the movie.

List of Resources for Teachers Video Analysis Template
Photo of Genetics: The Foundation of Animal Agriculture

Genetics: The Foundation of Animal Agriculture

Free Download

Grade 12 - In this worksheet, real-life examples allow students to apply knowledge learned in Biology Grade 12 Understanding Biological Inheritance unit.

Photo of Journey 2050

Journey 2050

This online teacher resource developed by Nutrien lets students explore answers to the question, ‘How will we sustainably feed over 9 billion people by the year 2050?’ through the use of video games, videos, classroom activities and teacher ready PowerPoints with speaking and background notes. Manitoba curriculum connections provided. Teachers register for free to access this excellent program at

Photo of Name That Commodity

Name That Commodity

Free Download

Grades 5 to 12 - A fun game that tests your knowledge of what everyday products are made – agriculture is around you every day.

Name That Commodity - PPT Name That Commodity - Instructions Name That Commodity - Scoresheet Name That Commodity - Answers
Photo of Our Food Has a Story with Farmer Will Bergmann

Our Food Has a Story with Farmer Will Bergmann


You had questions about food, so we asked a farmer. Not any farmer, but a Manitoba organic vegetable and conventional crop farmer, Will Bergmann. We brought a camera crew to Will's house to ask him frequently asked questions and see how he produces food to feed the world. This lesson plan includes a video and ready-to-use clasroom resources.

FAQ with Will Bergmann Our Food Has a Story - Lesson Plan Our Food Has a Story - Video
Photo of Pizza Farm Resource Kit

Pizza Farm Resource Kit

Free Download or Order Below

Grades 7 and 8 - The Pizza Farm Resource Kit was developed using the new Middle Years Human Ecology curriculum document (implemented system-wide in Fall 2016) and is directly linked to outcomes from the Grade 7 and Grade 8 Food and Nutrition. Download a free version or order a complete Pizza Farm Resource Kit with or without a Seeds That Feed kit (lesson 2) below.

Pizza Farm Resource-Online Version
Photo of Planet X

Planet X

Free Download

This lesson focuses on the many professions within the Agriculture and Food sector. Students will gain appreciation and knowledge of the multitude of professions that exist within this realm, while also understanding the importance of every day food production and sustainability to the global population.

Planet X - English Planet X Introduction Video - English Planet X - French Planet X Introduction Video - French
Photo of The Real Dirt on Farming

The Real Dirt on Farming

Free Booklets or Download

Grade 5 and 12 - This booklet is designed to connect your students with the food they eat, and introduce them to some of Canada's farm families. This booklet provides basic facts on topics such as the difference between growing crops conventionally and organically, pesticide use, animal housing and animal welfare, environmental sustainability, technology used in farming as well as many other subjects. The goal of this book is to help your students make informed decisions about the food they're eating. This full-colour pictorial booklet, available in English, illustrates what Canadian farming looks like. You can order class sets by filling in the order form below or download the English or French version below.

Real Dirt on Farming Booklet - English Real Dirt on Farming Booklet - French
Photo of thinkAG Career Exploration Toolkit

thinkAG Career Exploration Toolkit

Free Download

The thinkAG Career Exploration Activity Toolkit contains a selection of activities that engage Grade 9-12 students in exploring the wide variety of career opportunities available in the agriculture and agri-food sector.

thinkAG Career Toolkit - English thinkAG Career Toolkit - French
Photo of What’s Your Something?

What’s Your Something?

Free Download

The agri-food sector employs over 2.2 million Canadians (1 in 8 jobs) and most of them are off the farm. What is your future career path? You have to do SOMETHING to earn a living, but what will it be? Here are some examples of careers in agriculture and food... Is there SOMETHING that interests you? Download a free version in English or French.

What's Your Something - English Qu'est-ce Qui Cous Attire - French

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