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Photo of Ag Bingo

Ag Bingo

Free Download

Learn about agriculture in Manitoba playing Bingo on your next road trip with these fun colouring pages! 

Download a different card for each player, grab some colouring supplies and hit the road for an epic game of agriculture bingo. 

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Ag Bingo Card #1 Ag Bingo Card #2 Ag Bingo Card #3
Photo of Agriculture Scavenger Hunt

Agriculture Scavenger Hunt

Free Download

Grade 3+ - Students can use this Scavenger Hunt in their home to find the dozens of agricultural products they use every day, and not just food!

Agriculture in Your Home Challenge
Photo of Agriculture Word Searches

Agriculture Word Searches

Free Download

Download all four of these fun agriculture-related word searches for your students to try! 

Animals Word Search Crops Word Search Equipment Word Search Jobs Word Search
Photo of Canola Crush Kit

Canola Crush Kit


Grade K to 12 - This package includes instructional guide, canola seeds, seed counter, roller and tape. Everything you need to teach this hands-on activity for all grade levels. The kit can be ordered from Manitoba Canola Growers by contacting

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Photo of Celebrating Liberation with a Promise

Celebrating Liberation with a Promise

Free Download

This program was created to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Canadian Forces’ role in the Liberation of Europe at the end of World War II. It accompanies the planting of Liberation75 Tulip bulbs. 

Download the Teachers Guide, created by BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, as well as our Manitoba curriculum connections for grades K-6. 

Dutch Liberation Tulips Teachers Guide Liberation Tulips Manitoba Curriculum Connections
Photo of Crossword - Early Years

Crossword - Early Years

Free Download

Grades K to 2 - Learn about farm animals and their babies with this fun crossword. Answers are included for early spellers. 

Baby Farm Animals Crossword
Photo of Crosswords - Middle Years

Crosswords - Middle Years

Free Download

Grades 4+ - Download these free printable crosswords to help your students learn more about crops grown in Manitoba and animals in agriculture. 

Crops Crossword Animals Crossword
Photo of DIY Ag Fortune Tellers

DIY Ag Fortune Tellers

Free Download

Do it yourself! As a class, colour, cut and make your own fortune teller. Quiz each other and learn something new about agriculture.

Crops - Fortune Teller Livestock - Fortune Teller Careers - Fortune Teller
Photo of Food Gratitude Project

Food Gratitude Project

Help your students show support for those working in our food supply chain with our "Thank you for our food!" activity sheet. 
Ask students to think about all the folks along the food supply chain who continue to work every day to provide safe and healthy food to Canadians. Then, they can either draw a picture for or write a message to those essential workers. Post a photo of their work on social media using the hashtag #foodgratitude. 

Download in English and French today!

Food Gratitude - English Food Gratitude - French
Photo of Healthy Kids Quest

Healthy Kids Quest


Grades 1 to 3 - This free resource package for teachers, from the Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum, encourages students to make healthy lifestyle choices. The Healthy Kids Quest includes fun lesson plans that are suited to curricula across all of Canada’s provinces and territories. Ce programme offre aux enseignants une ressource gratuite qui vise à encourager les élèves à adopter de saines habitudes de vie. Le Défi enfant santé comprend des plans de leçons adaptés aux programmes d’études de toutes les provinces et tous les territoires canadiens.

English Healthy Kids Quest French Healthy Kids Quest
Photo of International Year of Pulses Lessons

International Year of Pulses Lessons

Grade 3 - Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba in partnership with MB Pulse and Soybean Growers have created two lessons: Introduction to Pulses and Pulses and Sustainability. Both link to the Grade 3 Science Units - Growth and Changes in Plants and Soils in the Environment.

Gr. 3 Introduction to Pulses Gr. 3 Pulses and Sustainability
Photo of International Year of Pulses Lessons

International Year of Pulses Lessons

Grade 4 - Agriculture in the Classroom-Manitoba in partnership with MB Pulse and Soybean Growers have created two lessons: Introduction to Pulses and History of Pulses. Both link to the Grade 4 Science Unit Habitats and Communities and Social Studies Cluster 3.

Gr. 4 Introduction to Pulses Gr. 4 History of Pulses
Photo of Lunch Box for Plants

Lunch Box for Plants


- Out of Stock - 

Grade 3 - This kit is designed to give teachers background information, student activities, reproducible student worksheets and the tools for many of the suggested soil activities. It is a hands-on, student-centered unit aimed at the Grade 3 Science Soils Unit. Go ahead! Get dirty! Available in English and French. Please order using the form below.

Photo of Manitoba Soil Exploration

Manitoba Soil Exploration

Free Download

Grade 3+ - Pick and choose between half a dozen soil activities for students to learn about how soils forms, what kinds of soils we have in Manitoba and the importance of this natural resource in agriculture. Includes a flipbook, building activity and soil painting art activity. Questions can be filled in electronically, but some activities require printing. 

Manitoba Soil Exploration
Photo of Plant Life Cycle Flipbook

Plant Life Cycle Flipbook


This fun activity shows how a bean grows from a seed to a plant. Students can colour, cut and staple the booklet, then they can flip and watch the bean magically grow!

Plant Life Cycle Flipbook
Photo of Sheep Farmer’s Food Chain

Sheep Farmer’s Food Chain

Free Download

Grade 4 - This activity sheet is designed to be used with the Grade 4 Science Habitats and Communities unit as a stand alone resource and/or a compliment to the Amazing Agriculture Adventure Sheep Station.

Teacher Guide & Activity Sheets
Photo of Soils Lesson Plans

Soils Lesson Plans

Free Download

Grade 3 - These lessons were developed by the Department of Soil Science at the University of Saskatchewan.

A Soil Profile Me and Dirt Composting: A Recipe for Good Soil Soil, Water, Air I'm a Soil Scientist
Photo of What’s in Your Lunchbox?

What’s in Your Lunchbox?


The ‘What’s in Your Lunchbox’ kit will provide you with a hands-on way of connecting your grades 2-6 students to the food they eat and the farmers, farm plants (crops), and animals (livestock) that provide our food.
This kit contains:
• AITC-Manitoba Teachers’ Guide for grades 2 - 6
• ‘How Did that Get in My Lunchbox?’ by Chris Butterworth
• AITC-Canada booklet containing an introductory lesson and Activities #1 - #3
• AITC Canada USB containing PowerPoints for each lesson in the booklet
• Five sets of activity cards

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Resource Order Form

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