Agriculture in the Classroom

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AITC-M’s ‘Your Life - Your Agriculture’ Video

AITC-M created this video to inspire high school students to take an interest in agriculture as a career opportunity.

Before the Plate - Documentary

Follow chef John Horne on an epic journey as he follows each ingredient from one plate of food back to the farms they came from. Download the Teacher's Guide to get a link to watch the documentary with your class. 

Farmers Fight-Stand Up

USA youth oriented video showing how we are all connected to agriculture in our daily lives and how it is a large and important part of the economy.

Farming 4R Manitoba: Featuring Curtis McCrae

Curits McCrae shows us his farm in Manitoba, and how he is using the 4R Nutrient Stewardship (right source, right rate, right time, right place® approach to nutrient management) on his farm to provide understanding of how various crop nutrients behave in the landscape, how they are used by crops and how to prevent their loss into the environment. 

From the Farm, East Selkirk, MB - Brian Chorney

An East Selkirk, MB farmer talks about sustainability in terms of crop inputs, protection, biotechnology, research and climate change and compares past practices to present.

Interview: Rick Mercer at Agribition

Interview with Rick about his impressions of Agribition and the size and impact of the agriculture industry on our economy

Peterson Farm Bros

USA youth oriented video which looks at 3 young brothers on their farm operation and their passion for farming and feeding the world's people

Rick Mercer Report-Agribition

Rick Mercer in his usual fun style takes a look at the Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, Nov 2011

The Canadian Seed Industry Has a Plan

A look at the challenges facing the agriculture industry and a plan to meet those challenges.

What is the Ethical Choice for People, Animals and Planet

Grade 10 Geography - Food from the Land Unit.  High School - Sustainability theme. How can today's food system meet the growing global demand to produce more food using fewer resources? This video incorporates the 'Earth as an apple' model to highlight the amount of soil available and looks at the amount of fresh water available.  And at the same time highlights the increasing need for food due to an increasing global population.  It also directs students to the website where students can send in agriculture and food questions and get them answered by experts.


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Contains information from the Federal Government on Canadian Agriculture

Agriculture in the Classroom-Canada

Link to all of the provincial Agriculture in the Classroom organizations

All About Food - Exploring Canada’s Food System

This website has current information on Canada's food system and is an extension of the booklet of the same name available free on our classroom resources page.

CropLife Canada

Information on crop protection products, their use, scientific advancements, environmental and economic benefits, regulations. Also check out their 'Just the Facts' section:

Photo of Journey 2050

Journey 2050

This online teacher resource developed by Nutrien lets students explore answers to the question, ‘How will we sustainably feed over 9 billion people by the year 2050?’ through the use of video games, videos, classroom activities and teacher ready PowerPoints with speaking and background notes. Manitoba curriculum connections provided. Teachers register for free to access this excellent program at

Manitoba Canola Growers

Resources, canola information including nutrition

Manitoba Pork

Information on the pork industry, animal care, environmental initiatives, producer videos and the Grade 10 Challenge

Nutrients For Life

Interactive simulation