Agriculture in the Classroom

Scholarships & Bursaries

Help finance your education in agriculture

G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship

Six scholarships of $4000 each. Students must submit a 2-4 minute video describing their vision for the future of agriculture. 

The future of the agriculture industry relies on innovation and  technology in order to keep up with global demand. The future of agriculture relies on you. This calls for new ideas, and the possibilities are endless. G3 and AITC-C are dedicated to this innovated future and the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship is our way of helping students like you recognize and reach your full potential in leading that change, wherever your career may take you.

Apply online here. Deadline extended to May 1, 2020.


4-H Canada

4-H Canada offers a variety of financial supports and opportunities each year.

Go to their website for more information. 

Agrium Brandon University Bursaries

Agrium provides 2 busaries of $1,800 to 2 students enrolled full-time in any of the following pre-professional programs: Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Management Studies or Social Work. These areas have been listed in order of their preference.

More information and application here.


Agrium University of Manitoba Aboriginal Student Bursaries in Agriculture

Agrium provides 2 busaries of $2,000 to 2 Aboriginal students enrolled full time in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Degree or Diploma programs. 

Usual deadline beginning of October each year.

More information here.


Bayer Scholarships for Students

The Bayer Fund Opportunity Scholarship Program is available to Canadian high school students who are enrolled in their final year of high school and eligible to graduate from high school at the end of the school year. Those eligible for a scholarship must be planning to enroll at a Canadian post‑secondary institution (degree or diploma) in a first-year agriculture, food science or culinary program.

If you have applied for entry into a college or university, but have not yet been accepted, you can still apply for a Bayer Fund Opportunity Scholarship. However, if you are awarded a scholarship, you must provide an acceptance letter from your educational institution.

Successful applicants will each be awarded a scholarship valued at $1500, based on demonstrated academic standards and leadership in the community. Selection will be made by an independent panel.

Up to 6 scholarships of $5000 will be available at the bachelor degree level; 1 scholarship per eligible institution.

Applications open approximately March 1 - May 31.

Information and applications available online.

Canadian Agri-Business Education Foundation (CABEF) Scholarships

Canadian Agri-Business Education Foundation awards seven $2,500 scholarships annually to Canadian students who are entering or currently pursuing an agricultural related program at a Canadian college, university or apprenticeship (trade) institution.

Application deadlines are at the end of April each year. 

Go to their website for more information. 

Keystone Agricultural Producers University of Manitoba Entrance Scholarship

Each year, one scholarship valued at $1,000 will be offered to an undergraduate student who:

  1. Has achieved a minimum 80% average on courses used for admission to the School of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba
  2. Is enrolled full-time in the first year of study in the Diploma in Agriculture program
  3. Is a KAP member, or is from a KAP member family
  4. Has demonstrated community involvement and leadership abilities while in high school.

If there is no student that meets all of the eligibility criteria, the award can be offered to a student that meets criteria (1), (2), and (4).

The selection committee will be the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Awards Committee.

Usual deadline October each year.

More information and application form here.


Manitoba Beef Producer Bursaries

Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) is pleased to offer six $500 bursaries annually for MBP members or their children attending a university, college or other post-secondary institution or pursuing trades training.

Preference will be given to those students pursuing a field of study related to agriculture or to those acquiring a skilled trade that would be beneficial to the rural economy.

A selection committee reviews the submissions. 

Usual deadline in May each year.

More information and application here.


Manitoba Canola Growers Scholarships

The Manitoba Canola Growers Scholarship Program is available to Manitoba high school students who are enrolled in their final year of high school and eligible to graduate in the current school. Those eligible for a scholarship must be from a farm that is a member of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association and must be planning to enroll at  a Canadian post-secondary institution.

The scholarship must be used in the 2 years following high school graduation. 

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be from a farm that is a member of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association.
  • Plan on attending a Canadian post-secondary institution within two years of graduation.
  • Graduate this school year

Successful applicants will be awarded a $1000 scholarship based on academics, canola connection, school and community involvement, and essay submission. An independent scholarship review panel will make the selection. 

Usual deadline in April of each year.

Apply online.


Manitoba Sheep Association Post-Secondary Scholarship

Each year , one $500 scholarship will be awarded to a student who:

  • Is a current member of the MSA or is the student relation of a current MSA member.
  • Can show official proof of current enrolment in a post-secondary program prior to receiving the scholarship. Please indicate your field of study.
  • Provides two references from someone in the community or sheep industry.
  • Submits a 1 page essay outlining EITHER your involvement in a community activity (i.e. school, church, community club, 4-H, hospital, charity work, etc.) or your involvement in the sheep industry.

Usual deadline June each year.

For more information contact Manitoba Sheep Association Scholarship Committee


Manitoba Wheat & Barley Growers Association Bursary

The Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association (MWBGA) supports students who are in post-secondary education programs, studying to support the agriculture industry. The MWBGA has established a bursary intended to assist with the financial needs of students who are enrolled in a post-secondary agricultural program within the Province of Manitoba. 

Bursaries valued at $1,000 each are available and will be awarded to three (3) students.

Deadline is in January each year. 

For more information, and to apply, click here


Manitoba Women's Institute Scholarships

Each year two, $750 Manitoba Women’s Institute Scholarships are awarded to applicants taking a recognized academic or vocational course in order to update their skills and ultimately, enter the work force.

• Rural Manitoba resident
• Student enrolled in a recognized academic or vocational course to gain knowledge and skills that would enable them to acquire professional or technical status or to change careers and enter the work force.

Usual dealine in May each year.

Information and applications available through the Red River Exhibition Foundation online here.

University of Manitoba Agricultural and Food Sciences Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships available to Manitoba high school students who plan to enter the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Manitoba.  Eligible students may enter either the two-year Diploma in Agriculture program or the four-year Bachelor of Science degree program. 

Deadlines vary by award so be sure to check when to apply for each one.

A list of all available scholarships can be found here.