Agriculture in the Classroom


Agriculture an Overview

Farm Food 360, a series of virtual farm tours and videos from Canadian Farms in all sectors of the agriculture industry by Farm & Food Care

Our Food has a Story with Farmer Will Bergmannby AITC-M, 4:31. Our food has a story – from farm to food! We brought a camera crew to Manitoba farmer Will Bergmann's house to ask him questions and see how he helps feed the world. See the full classroom resource on our website,

Animal Agriculture

How to Fight Desertification and Reverse Climate Change Ted Talk by Allan Savory, 22:11 mins., February, 2013. All over the world, land is turning into desert at an alarming rate. Biologist Allan Savory has dedicated a lifetime to figuring out what’s causing this “desertification.” Finally, after decades of work in the field, Savory discovered a radical solution—one that went against everything scientists had always thought. He used huge herds of livestock, managed to mimic the behavior of the natural herds that roamed grasslands centuries ago, and saw degraded land revert to robust ecosystems. Hear about the promise of 'holistic management'.

Manure Matters by Manitoba Pork, 11:33 Manure matters to Manitoba Pork producers This video will explain what we do, how we do it and why it works.

Meat Myth Crushers This USA website has a series of short videos dealing with many topics including:

  • Animal welfare
  • Anti-biotics
  • Environment
  • Food Safety
  • Meat Processing
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Livestock Practices

Take a look behind the barn doors by Manitoba Pork, ~2:12 each - A series of 5 videos highlighting Manitoba Pork Producers and Farms.



Your Life - Your Agriculture by AITC-M, 4:23.  Your future career may well be in Agriculture!

Careers in Agriculture by Utah Agriculture in the Classroom, 41 videos 2 minute each highlighting 41 different careers in agriculture.

Farmers Fight - Stand Up by Farmers Fight USA, 2:38. Farmers Fight is a student-led initiative to reconnect American society to the world of agriculture.

We are Part of the Solution by Manitoba Pork, 7 videos from 0:30 - 2:30 minutes each highlighting a different environment job in Pork Production.


Crop Nutrition and Fertilizers

Crop Nutrients by Agriculture in the Classroom - Manitoba, 2:07. Crops need proper nutrition to grow strong and healthy and fertilizers provide the nutrients the crops need.


Crop Protection and Pesticides

Crop Protection by Agriculture in the Classroom - Manitoba, 2:53. Integrated Pest Management strategies are used to protect crops and keep them healthy.  See how.


Economics of Agriculture

Ag Facts: Agriculture and the Economy by Government of Canada, 1:14. A brief, dynamic overview of the size and scope of Canada's agricultural sector, and its importance to Canada's economy. 


Farm Gate to Your Plate

Beef Plant Tour Featuring Temple Grandin  by American Meat Institute, 10:20. A tour of a beef plant guided by Dr. Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and widely considered to be the world's leading expert on humane animal handling at meat packing plants. This video provides an honest look at how cattle are handled at meat packing plants

Cow to Carton by Dairy Farmers of MB. Seven short videos take you through the process of getting milk from the cow to you.


Genetics and GMO's

DNA is Amazing by Territory Studio for the BBC, 3:24. This video explains the very basics of DNA. What is it? Why is it such a big deal?

The Environmental Benefits of Biotech Crops by CropLife Canada, 2:42

How Are GMO's Created? by GMO Answers, 5:31. Shows how GMOs are made, through the story of the Hawaiian Rainbow Papaya.

Plant Breeding by Agriculture in the Classroom - MB, 3:39. A look at plant breeding techniques used to improve our food crops including cross-breeding, mutagenisis and genetic engineering.

Pushing Boundaries in AgricultureTEDX by Rob Saik, 20:36, Robert Saik, founder and CEO of The Agri-Trend Group of Companies is a Professional Agrologist and a Certified Agricultural Consultant. In July 2014, Robert was appointed by the Premier of the Province of Alberta to the Innovation Council, a think-tank on technology integration and innovation leadership. 

Waiter, There is a Gene in my Soup! TedX 19:25, by Jimmy Botella, Professor of Plant Biotechnology, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Queensland. He founded the Plant Genetic Engineering Laboratory specialising in the fields of tropical and subtropical agricultural biotechnology. Jimmy has eleven international patents in the field of Plant Biotechnology and is a founding member of two biotechnology companies (Coridon Ltd. and Origo Biotech).

What is a GMO? by Piffle, 5:14


Innovation and Technology

Erin Goldberg, University of Manitoba, Department of Human Nutritional Sciences 1:00. Discover what researchers are doing to increase the nutritional qualities of eggs.

Autonomous technology in the future of Canadian farming and agriculture, by Invest in Canada, 1:30.  The autonomous vehicle revolution is sweeping across Canada and redefining the future of farming and modern agriculture. DOT Technology is autonomous farming equipment that is remotely-operated and can be used for planting, fertilizing and more.

Lely Vector Automatic Feeding System - Van Valley Farm, BC by West Coast Robotics, 3:19. Watch the robotic milker and feed system in action.

Weed-picking robot takes top prize at robotic farming competition, report by CBC, 2:49. A small Halifax startup weed-removing robot took top prize at an international robot farming competition.

AGROBOT Robotic Strawberry Harvester, 1:29. Check out this innovative robotic strawberry harvester in action.

How This Robotic Farm Is Reimagining Agriculture by Tech Insider, 3:11. This automated farm combines robotics and hydroponics using sensors and computer vision and technology similar to self-driving cars.

Precision Farming - Harnessing Technology to Feed the World, by Goldman Sachs, 2:23. As the population continues to grow without a comparable increase in farmable land, the world has once again reached a tipping point in its long-term food supply problem. The next leg of food production growth will come from greater precision in agriculture.

See & Spray - precision weed control machine, by Blue River Technology, 2:21. See & Spray uses machine learning and robotics to bring to market the world's first machine that allows farmers to optimize every plant in their field.

Urban Algae Farm Gobbles Up Highway Air Pollution by Culture Urbaine - The Cloud Collective HD, 2:28


Just for Fun

I'm Farming and I Grow It by the Peterson Brothers, 3:31. Parody song.

Rick Mercer Report at Agribition , 6:06. Rick visits the 41st annual Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, SK.


Organic Farming

Organic Research Celebrates 25 years at Glenlea by MB Agriculture, 3:59. In 2016, the organic-conventional research plots at the University of Manitoba's Glenlea Research Station were 25 years old. See what research has been done.




Erin Goldberg, University of Manitoba, Department of Human Nutritional Sciences 1:00. Discover what researchers are doing to increase the nutritional qualities of eggs.

This is not Natural by Asap Science, 3:16. 

What the Heck is Gluten? by Asap Science, 2:33

The War on Wheat by the CBC Fifth Estate 45:12. Feb. 27, 2015. Best-selling health evangelists say that wheat is causing everything from fat bellies to schizophrenia. But do they have science on their side? Mark Kelley takes a hard look at what's driving a movement that is dramatically changing the way we eat.


Past and Future

License to Farm by SaskCanola, 30:05.  Canada is a world leader in agriculture and food production. But farming doesn’t look the same as it did a hundred, fifty, or even ten years ago. Farmers are producing more with less, using more efficient and sustainable practices than ever before. So why do consumers carry so much doubt around the way their food is produced? When did fear begin to trump science and fact when it comes to food production – and how do we earn back that valuable consumer confidence? This powerful documentary explores the truth behind common misconceptions of agriculture production in Canada.

Love Life of Plants by gatesnotes, 2:51. Bill Gates recently met with some researchers at Cornell University. Cornell is one of the world's top universities for research on improving crops. Their work involves a lot of plant breeding. Because most of the world's poor people are farmers, helping farmers grow more food is one of the most powerful levers we have for fighting poverty.

Pushing Boundaries in Agriculture TEDX by Rob Saik, 20:36, Robert Saik, founder and CEO of The Agri-Trend Group of Companies is a Professional Agrologist and a Certified Agricultural Consultant. In July 2014, Robert was appointed by the Premier of the Province of Alberta to the Innovation Council, a think-tank on technology integration and innovation leadership. 

Your Food, Farm to Table by International Food Information Council Foundation, 2:40. From the field to your table, a lot has changed - and improved - since farming first began, for both farmers and consumers.